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Welcome initiates:

You have been summoned by your peers to become members of the Dark Hand.

Created by the Dark Council more than two centuries ago, the Hand serves as the Council's shadowed grasp of all those billions that live in the Empire. Known by few others, the Hand has stakes and claims in every world and every sector of Imperial Space. Ties with the Sith Conclave, within Imperial Intelligence and station among the Mandolorian Corps., the Hand sees and touches all.

As the Empire fears the the malice and power of the Sith, so do the Sith fear and skulk from the reach of the Hand. As criminals, anarchists and rebels plot in the shadows to destroy the Empire, it is the Hand that casts the shadows. As Republic armies, senators and Jedi strive to bring their misguided ideals to the galaxy, it is the Hand that works to crush them.

Be you Sith, Agent or Mandalorian, y
ou are indeed gifted to be acknowledged by the Hand, and now, we welcome you into our fold.

- Keeper -
Guild News

Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2

Mizu'rah'nemori, Mar 22, 12 5:05 PM.
I posted some information about GW and GW2 in the Forums. Please read and comment, ask questions, etc. If you have questions that you wish to ask me directly please whisper me in game (SWTOR) under Rahne, Nyles or Sole.

- Keeper -

Five Fingers of the Hand (Ranks)

Mizu'rah'nemori, Feb 15, 12 11:43 PM.
Alright. The ranks are up and are found on the left side of the screen. Here you can find your class Lieutenants and Sergeants, our PvP group, the 309th Annihilation Squad, as well as information on becoming a full member of the guild.

Please check it out and if you have any questions, speak with your class Lt.

New Guild IC Channel - Darkhand

Mizu'rah'nemori, Feb 2, 12 11:06 AM.
Finally got the IC Channel up and working. To access it go to 'General' chat and type /cjoin darkhand. Note - trying to do this through 'Guild' chat will not work, you must already be in 'General'.

Since the 'Darkhand' channel is IC, it means that 'Guild' chat is our OCC channel. As the OCC channel, 'Guild' chat is useful for getting groups ready for flashpoints and IC sessions, asking for general help, saying hello or good night and simply for hanging out OOC.

Please check out the Role Play link under the Hand's Intel on the left side of the Home Page to find out more about RP in the Dark Hand.

IC - In Character
OOC - Out of Character

Note: Entering our IC channel to request an audience in regards to recruitment is a great way to make yourself known to the guild, get to know the guild's Council and become an active RPer in the guild!
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